The Tennessee Innocence Project

The application

How does TIP select cases?

Our application.

In order to be considered for representation, all potential clients must complete the attached application and mail it to the TIP office at 42 Rutledge Street, Nashville, TN 37210. Attorney referrals welcome.

We do have a few guidelines:

We don’t review cases for inmates based on a telephone call or e-mail and do not accept calls from prisoners who want help.  Anyone that calls the TIP office will be provided the same information as is written below.  We only accept written applications directly from prisoners wanting help. If your loved-one or client meets EVERY criteria below, please have them write to us directly. 

Our criteria:

  • The person claims they are factually innocent of the crime for which they are in prison. (A person is factually innocent if they had no involvement in the crime and were not there. We will not take claims of legal innocence, self-defense, or cases in which the person is guilty of a lesser charge.)

  • The person’s direct appeal has been denied (the direct appeal is the automatic appeal that follows a trial).

  • The person cannot afford an attorney.

  • The person is not serving a sentence on another unrelated charge that will mean he or she will not be released if the conviction at issue is overturned.

  • We do not accept cases of parole or probation revocations.

  • We do not accept cases from the following offenses: theft, driving under the influence, stalking/harassment, domestic assault, or any misdemeanor.

  • Please do not call our office to inquire about the status of an application.  We do not have the staff to handle phone calls and they only slow down our review of applications.


APPLICATION - Click HERE for our application.